Overthinking – The Ultimate Guide to Failure

I Feel Like Overthinking made us So Weak that we started to dig our own grave. Laziness or we say Aalas(Hindi Word) this is the cause of Overthinking, Which made us thinking about the things which we dont even care about, but still we think and think,and the problem is we again think that why we are even thinking so much.

NOTE-Tongue can be slipped on think


I am a person who thinks about his carrier a lot, but who knows thinking made us Leaving the present and focusing on our future, But How What now?


Present is the Wind that we have to Follow but what we do is think about the tornado of future, which maybe is right to think but just for some time. Its just same like we can handle a weight for 5 minutes or max to max take it 30 minutes but after that our bones holding that weight will start getting hurt, Which in actual way relates to our life as Overthinking.

From overthinking I remembered a joke where a person Sharma started thinking about something but he wasn’t getting it what he had thought before but he was a stubborn he started thinking again it was 5pm he thinking and thinking to late night and then the time came he remembered at 5 am that he wants to sleep early that day because he was having some work that day.

So Its just all about what we think and how we think which relates to our title “Overthinking – The Ultimate Guide to Failure” which makes our behaviour  Constant to just thinking and lead us to Failure.

Its Everyone’s story including me I Feel Like i am writing these blogs to let myself to these things.640d39c9-cdf6-4b75-9e35-d680a3eaf7ac

Thank You For Reading, Stay Blessed Always

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